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Transform your eCommerce Website

In this digital age that we live in, eCommerce has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. By next year, it is estimated that there will be 2.14 billion people buying products online, which will account for around 17.5% of all retail purchases made. By 2022, estimates suggest that consumers will be spending an incredible 6.54 trillion dollars through eCommerce businesses across the globe!

With such a booming industry, it should come as no surprise that competition is becoming tougher, and more retailers are moving their businesses online. This means that to stand out from the crowd and to ensure your eCommerce business can be a success requires a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly store.

However, having a beautiful online store is no longer enough. As consumers become more accustomed to shopping online, their demands are increasing, and nowadays, the speed of your website is crucial and can help to transform your eCommerce company.

Top benefits of a faster website for eCommerce

Many people do not realize just how many advantages of having a fast eCommerce website can bring, which is why we have outlined some of the most significant:

  1. Increase user satisfaction

    Having a fast website is much more than just being about appearance. We live in a world of instant gratification, and consumers’ expectations are now at a level where waiting around for a page to load sees them quickly leaving. Ensuring that your website has the shortest possible load time will maximize consumer satisfaction, providing them with the best experience possible of your brand.

  2. Boost engagement

    By increasing the overall user experience and boosting your consumers’ satisfaction, you will be able to improve the overall engagement too. This means that potential customers will spend more time on your website and are more likely to browse additional pages and products.

  3. Improve your SEO

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer just about ensuring your website has the relevant keywords on each page. Leading search engines such as Google and Bing now use dozens of different factors when determining where a website appears in a search, and one of the most important of these is the overall load speed of the site.

    Your position for your keywords is crucial to your success, with 75% of users not moving past the opening page on a search engine. Therefore ensuring that your eCommerce website provides users with a fast load speed will help you to climb the ranks of Google and appear far more prominently for your relevant keywords.

  4. Higher conversion rates

    With a better search engine ranking, you will be able to drive more potential customers towards your website. With a fast load speed, you will be able to keep them more engaged and better satisfied, which will also boost your conversion rates.

    Those conversions can be for whatever you require most, whether it is purchasing a product, signing up to a newsletter, or completing a contact form, whatever is the most valuable to your eCommerce business.

  5. Mobile friendly

    Smartphones have completely revolutionized how we browse the internet and connect with friends, family, and the brands we shop with. On average, we spend an incredible 2 hours and 51 minutes every day on our phones, and there are an estimated 2.87 billion smartphone users in the world.

    With so many people browsing the internet and eCommerce websites via their mobile nowadays instead of their desktop browser, page load speed has become critical. While Wi-Fi is readily available across the globe, it is not always accessible, and many people browse using 3, 4, or 5G. This means that a fast website is able to negate any bad network connections and ensure customers are always able to reach your website and browse what they need to.

  6. Prepare for the Future

    In this modern world, content is king. Yet with the rise of video and photography, the data required to host this content increases significantly. This means that outdated websites will quickly slow down and become unusable, so ensuring your eCommerce website is up to date and able to host the relevant content to keep consumers engaged will help to futureproof your business.

How fast is fast?

Although the benefits of a fast website are clear to see, understanding the speed you need is crucial. We live in an almost instantaneous world, and with a few clicks of our smartphone screens, we are now able to find out the answer to any question that we might have or speak with friends on the other side of the world.

This has crept into the way that we shop online, and consumers are now less willing to wait for an eCommerce site than ever before. So just how fast is fast? Is it five seconds? Three seconds? Milliseconds?

Recent research has helped to shed some light on these habits and has revealed some key facts that all eCommerce business owners should keep in mind:

  1. 47% of consumers surveyed said that they expect an eCommerce site to load in no more than two seconds

  2. 40% admitted that if a site takes longer than three seconds to load, then they will abandon it and seek another solution

  3. 79% of shoppers revealed that poor website performance means that they are less likely to return and purchase from that eCommerce site again.

Having a faster website can help you grow your eCommerce business

Discover the Power of Quantum

The first impression your customers will get of your business is the speed that your website loads. That means by ensuring that your eCommerce website loads fast, you can create a strong impression that can help you to increase your leads and maximize your sales.

Here at Quantum, we know just how important a fast load speed is to your business. That is why we have launched a powerful automated preloading service that can transform your eCommerce business.

Our unique system preloads the images on your website using machine learning, which means that your pages load much faster. To do this, we install a single line of JavaScript onto your site, which lets us analyze the traffic that your website receives, helping us to recognize clear patterns of use.

Once we have this information, we are able to decide which images and files should be preloaded for each user, helping to speed up the load time and ensure their shopping experience is as efficient as possible. Quantum does not end there, though; it is continuously analyzing and updating, ensuring that as your customers’ habits change, you will always be able to meet their needs.

So if you want to increase your eCommerce website load speed, increase your leads and make more sales, get in touch with our team today and unlock a brighter future.

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