Grow your Small Business with a Faster Website

A faster website with Quantum can mean more sales on your online store, more appointments, and more leads for your SMB.

Make your Website Faster

Are you operating a small business? It can be one of the most challenging but equally rewarding things that you can do. However, to make it a true success, it takes a lot of thinking on your feet and relying on the skills and passion of those around you.

With so much competition out there, being able to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers can be tough. That is why, in this digital age, having a fast, reliable, and engaging website is crucial to your success and how you are perceived by existing and new customers alike.

Why you need a website

For some business owners, they might not think that having an online presence is that relevance. So before we examine what a faster website means for your small business, we thought we would take a look at five top reasons why your company needs a website.

  1. Showcases your professionalism

    As we increasingly spend more of our waking day online, when a website does not have a website, it can lead to potential customers believing that they are simply a small operation. Alternatively, you might think that just having a Facebook page is reliable enough; however, 84% of consumers admitted that a website makes them believe a business is more credible and therefore mean they are more likely to use their services or purchase a product from them.

    Regardless of what industry you operate in, or the size of your business, a website can showcase your business's professionalism and show customers that you are serious about your company.

  2. Provide more information to customers

    A website is also a valuable tool in showcasing your products and services to customers. It lets you go in-depth on who you are and what sets you apart from your competitors, letting customers see exactly who they are working with and help you to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and a figure of authority within your industry.

    It also gives you the ability to create a regular blog, which not only cements your position as an industry leader but can also persuade customers to use your company, with 61% of consumers stating that a blog has influenced their purchasing decision. A blog is also a great way to boost your SEO and make your brand more visible to new customers.

  3. Build a customer database

    A website is also a fantastic tool in helping you to establish your customer database and increase your leads. By adding a sign-up form to your website, you will be able to create a mailing list of potential customers, helping you to create tailored marketing solutions to meet their needs.

    A responsive and optimized website can also help to increase your conversions and leads, letting you target visitors with unique offers, and calls to attract their attention.

  4. Promote your brand 24/7

    Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, and a website is a fantastic way for you to ensure your customers are able to contact you and learn more about your company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    While the personal touch is always great, a website lets potential customers browse your company and find out key information at a time that is most convenient to them; helping to ensure you are converting potential customers even as you sleep!

  5. Cost-effective method promotion

    Unlike traditional methods of marketing, which can be incredibly costly, websites are a very cost-effective way of promoting your business to an exponential number of potential consumers.

Why Having a Fast Website is Important for Small Businesses

Having a website should be a priority for any small business, but to ensure that you can take your business to the next level, you need a website that is fast and able to instantly respond to your users. We live in a world dominated by technology, and nowadays, consumers expect instant responses, which means they will no longer wait around for your web pages to load.

In fact, 79% of customers admitted that a slow website would make them less likely to purchase from a company. This has placed an increased focus on business to provide almost instantaneous load speeds in order to meet user satisfaction. However, by meeting those expectations, you will notice an increase in your overall engagement and see more customers and sales.

Of course, a fast website is not just beneficial for helping you to improve your customer experience. Fast load speeds are one of the most crucial factors that search engines such as Google and Bing look for when determining where your website will rank in the search results. Getting onto the front page of these sites is crucial, with 75% of users admitting that they do not click through to the second page of the search engine!

Faster websites are also more mobile-friendly, and with the average person spending nearly three hours a day on their smartphone, this is becoming an increasingly more crucial area of focus. A faster website will also help to ensure that your business is better prepared for the future as well. As technology increases, customer expectations are only going to increase with it, so by focusing on improving your website speed today will mean your site remains usable and able to convert visitors into regular customers.

Small Business
Having a faster website can help your small business grow online

Make your SMB Website Faster with Quantum

Here at Quantum, we understand the importance of a fast load speed to your photography business. The quicker it loads, the greater customers’ impression of your business, and the quicker you could showcase your stunning images to potential customers.

That is why we launched our unique service to help transform photography businesses just like yours. We are an automated service that has been designed to help you significantly speed up your website through a quick and straightforward process.

Quantum does not require any coding on your website; instead, it is a simple installation on your site through a pixel that can be installed in a simple one-click process. Once installed, the Quantum pixel will begin working immediately and will preload the images on your website using automated machine learning – significantly speeding up how quickly your photography pages will load.

This simple pixel analyses all of the traffic that your website receives, allowing our software to identify user habits and patterns, which will enable Quantum to decide which images and files need to be preloaded. This information means we can quickly maximize your website's efficiency, giving new and existing customers alike a fast-performing and high-quality website.

Of course, consumer habits change over time, which means that as your business grows and your customer base increases, their user habits will change. That is why Quantum is

continuously evaluating their movements, allowing our software to tweak and improve the load speed as required.

To help you understand the performance of your website, we will provide you with in-depth analytics, giving you a thorough insight into how users engage and interact with your photography business.

So if you are finding that your photography website is not loading as fast as you would like, and you want to take your business to the next level, get in touch with Quantum today. Our team understands how important your site is to your success, so we will work with you to ensure it is performing as efficiently as possible, letting you showcase your business and maximize your profit.

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