DNS Preloading

Quantum predictively and automatically preloads the DNS records of some remote links to keep your readers happy.

Every time a user views your website, their web browser has to look up a DNS record in order to connect to your website. Quantum does this in advance for the websites that you link to in your content so that your users get a faster experience on the incredible content you link to — even if the external website doesn't use Quantum.

DNS is like the phone book of the internet. Quantum helps your external links to load faster by preloading this information to your users.

Quantum predicts which external link your users are likely to go to next and preloads the DNS information so that your valued customers get a faster experience on sites that you link to — even if the site doesn't use Quantum.

Your website, faster with Quantum

Quantum intelligently decides which images to preload in advance so that your website loads instantly for your customers.

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