Image Preloading

Quantum predictively and automatically preloads your website's images to make every page view instant.

Quantum uses machine learning to predictively preload the images on your website in advance to your viewers. By using time that viewers are experiencing your website content to preload their next most likely step in advance, your pages can load up to 45% faster thanks to Quantum's specialized prediction engine.

When Quantum automatically preloads your website images, your content will load up to 45% faster.

Step 1

A single line of JavaScript is added to each page of your website.

Step 2

Quantum analyses your website traffic to find patterns.

Step 3

This data is used to decide which resources to preload on each page.

Step 4

Quantum becomes more accurate as more data is collected.

Your website, faster with Quantum

Quantum intelligently decides which images to preload in advance so that your website loads instantly for your customers.

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